Pat Jolly OffBeat by Elsa Hahne Congratulations to NOWIM Executive Board member Pat Jolly for winning this year’s OffBeat Magazine’s Heartbeat Award for her many years of documenting the New Orleans music scene from the other side of her camera lens.

Recently, Pat told OffBeat “A photographer is only as good as the community they live in,” Jolly declares. “What I photograph just unfolds before my eyes. I couldn’t live in a better place to have such interesting subjects be a part of my life.”

The article continues Jolly doesn’t go to performances and gallery openings merely to take pictures and document occasions. She’s engaged in what’s going on and the people who are making it happen—she’s part of it.

“If I’m shooting Mardi Gras, I am in costume and my spirit is totally involved with and participating in the events that I’m photographing,” says Jolly, a lover of masquerading. “I’d be there in a costume if I didn’t have a camera. At shows, I generally know every musician on stage and they’re friends of mine. What they’re doing is part of my life and what I want to know about.”

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